The normal development of adolescents

Adolescence is a period of major changes that can cause parents to worry. It is important to understand the normal development of adolescents in order to avoid needless concerns.

At the beginning of adolescence, your child is in search of their identity and will try new things in order to find what he or she enjoys. This can manifest through changes in styles or interests, sometimes influenced by peers. They can have high expectations of themselves, and may experience self-doubt. Sometimes, when he or she is stressed, they will act like a child, and may claim that you do not give them enough independence. They might also be concerned about their sexuality and often change partners. In addition, some teenagers feel the need to break the rules and test your limits. Do not worry, these behaviours are normal and most teenagers go through them.

Around the end of adolescence, teenagers know themselves and understand themselves better. You might argue with them less often and they might act more grateful towards you. They might still be emotionally reactive and may become more and more independent. Their friends will remain an important part of their lives and their hobbies might be influenced by peers. They will start thinking of their future and what they want to become. They will start having more serious relationships and be more confident about their sexuality.